"Setting the benchmark in quality"

Shear Perfection Landscape

Shear Perfection Landscape is a family-owned and operated business delivering today’s expertise to our clients. As a premier full-service company, we have been providing the community with a combined wealth of experience and professional commitment for over 15 years. We strive to set the benchmark in quality by delivering the highest caliber of customer service and craftsmanship in Northern California. By following our old-fashioned core values, we continually grow and develop long-term relationships with our customers as well as our local vendors.

Our experienced and dedicated personnel offer expedient professional service to both residential and commercial properties. We employ skilled personnel who place a high priority on serving our customers with a positive attitude and good work ethic. We will conduct business with honesty and integrity by building long-lasting relationships based on trust and respect. No job is too big or too small for Shear Perfection Landscape. Our integrity, teamwork and guarantee set us apart from our competitors. Let us earn your business!

Our Core Values

“We will never commit to anything without completely following through.”

“We will always stand behind our work 100% of the time.”

“We will develop long-term relationships with our customers, vendors and employees.”

“We will be fair and easy to work with.”

“We will always have the utmost integrity.”

“We will set the benchmark in quality, not follow the standard.”

Our Story

After many years of having climbed the corporate ladder to mid and upper-level management with a fantastic and growing construction corporation, I believed I had achieved my dream career; I had a full package, fringe benefits, and an amazing culture. The only problem was that I was not happy.

Shortly after being married, I gave myself a very rare day off and took my new bride to Fort Bragg to make a potentialy life-changing decision. To say the least, she was very nervous since just one year prior, she believed she had financial stability through my career. After three days of praying, looking over the options I had written on napkins, and discussing the value of happiness (even though I had it made!), I wanted to blaze my own trail and discover my true dream. By the end of our getaway, my wife, Andrea, was 100% supportive even though I was returning home to walk away from a corporation and begin a landscape design business. Needless to say, without any experience, no clientele, and no financial backing, everyone else thought I had lost my mind.

Having given my notice, I was so ambitious, excited, nervous, and hungry for success that I would knock on doors from sunup to sundown. I would get up at 4 A.M. to brainstorm ideas, work on logos, develop a business structure, and mull over everything else needed to start and run a business. The first few years in business, my primary goal was two-fold: to eliminate every single thing I hated about corporate America and to keep every good thing I had learned and make it my own. In the process of this, in the early stages, I knew we would always be a company based on relationships–for employees, vendors, and customers. I have always had a strong belief in that a handshake meant, “doing the right thing”; stand behind your word, and your work will always prevail.

From Day 1, I have refused to allocate a marketing budget knowing that when a person believes in what he does and is passionate about it, his work will shine through. In nearly every Monday morning meeting to this day, I remind my dedicated crew that for every one job done RIGHT, we should get three jobs organically as a result of visual exposure and quality of work. I remind them about the importance of personal appearance, clean trucks, how to leave a job site, and customer relationships. After two years, I was blessed with one corporation that included both state and federal contracts, four divisions, and 32 employees.

Shortly after our second child was born, however, I realized my priorities needed to change. In 2012, I restructured the entire business with new priorities and different goals:

1) God

2) Family

3) Business

This new balance led to overall success and renewed happiness.
With previous marketing and sales experience, I learned a valuable lesson about the ‘roots’ of the community: when you take care of people, they take care of you. 

We are a unique corporation in that giving back in any way possible is one of our key strengths. We hold strong to our ‘Core Values,’ placing customer relations at the hub. In fact, for a number of years, we carried laminated copies in our back pockets! Today, I am proud of all that we offer our community and to have built a culture that is second to none.

shear perfection landscape is a family owned landscaper in roseville ca

What sets us apart

Our Service Area

Giving Back Program

Shear Perfection Landscape is committed to making a real difference in our community. 

“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make a change.” Barbara Mikulski